About Portland Abbey Arts

Portland Abbey Arts is a nonprofit, intercultural arts, culture, and societal justice organization committed to building a more diverse, just, equitable, inclusive, rooted, and compassionate Portland.

We curate community centric, and collabortive arts, culture, and educational events to bring together diverse Portland neighbors across differences of race, ethnicity, income, ability, orientation and gender identity, creating contextss where renewed human relationships and community transformations can occur.



Abbey Arts Curators

Sal Corpuz is Abbey Arts Operations Manager for concerts and other events. Sal is also our creative mixologist/ and a resident of north Portland (St. Johns).

Todd Fadel is Abbey Arts Associate Director. Todd curates Abbey Arts creative events, book shows and teaches songwriting on the Abbey Arts Faculty.

Catherine Feeney is a Creative Associate at Abbey Arts. Catherine is an accomplished singer-songwriter and resident of Portland's SE side.

Aaron Bayless is an Abbey Arts audio engineeer.

Karen Ward is Portland Abbey Arts Founding Director. Previous to Portland Abbey Arts, Karen founded Artwerks, a non profit arts corporation in Seattle, WA, managed a 'Tea Bar and Performance Gallery' called Living:Room, and cofounded The Fremont Abbey Arts Center  with Nathan Marion. 

Abbey Arts Faculty

Steve Schob teaches drumming and percussion and is the founder of Collective Rhythm, a non-profit networking community resources to see people engage, enjoy and excel in making music, creating community and sharing life.

Dave Ewing teaches animation and filmmaking as resident faculty member of Portland Abbey Youth Arts Camps and Labs.

Bobby Fouther  teaches dance and visual arts through a creative process that allows student to become successful in understanding the entreprenurial aspects of the art world. Bobby is the artistic director of Portland Abbey Arts Lombard Art and Culture Project.

Todd Fadel teaches songwriting and music composition. Todd works for the Portland Public Schools as a para-educator and is the co-facilitator of the arts/music collective Agents of Future at The Bridge Christian Church in Portland. Todd has worked with community building via collaborative arts for over 15 years.

Jesse Gardener, teaches experiments in the art of freestyle rap and spoken word poetyr, mingled with contemplative mediation an breathing exercises. Participants will acquire tools for creative express and to develop a centering/mediation practice

Kali Hoesch teachs painting and muraling. He is a gallery artsits and resident of north Portland (University Park). Kali is also part of the Colored Pencils Arts and Culture Council.

Buff Medb Neretin teaches mixed media arts and print making. Buff is a resident of north Portland (Portsmouth) and curates Aurora Silks of the Moon Studio.